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By Mike Wilson
Sports Reporter

Mike Wilson Mike Wilson Disappointment, as in life, is often a large part of sports. Several times this fall season I have seen student athletes and their teams experience disappointment. Sometimes the disappointment comes because of a loss that was unexpected, sometimes it comes in the light of a poor personal performance or sometimes disappointment comes in circumstances beyond our control.

As we close in on the district tournaments and each game seems to hold more and more importance, the opportunity for disappointment seems to grow as well. The way we respond to the disappointment can tell us a great deal about ourselves. Do we see it as a defeat or as an opportunity for growth?

Disappointment has been a part of sports as long as there has been winners and losers - someone will always be disappointed. Can you imagine how disappointed the gladiators must have been when they lost and then found out they were to be fed to the lions?

Disappointment is not however necessarily a bad thing. It can prompt us to work hard, to change the way we do things and cause us to grow as a person.

In James chapter 1 verses two and three the author says, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”

I remember as a young boy, how disappointed I was when the Tigers lost the last game of the 1967 season and were beaten out by the Boston Red Sox for the American League pennant. I cried all day. However, the Tigers themselves overcame their disappointment and the American League pennant in 1968 and went on to win the World Series. The Tigers used the loss from the previous season to unite them and propel them to win the next season. What a lesson in overcoming disappointment and not letting it defeat you.

We are entering into playoff time for fall sports when one loss means the end of the season. There will be plenty of disappointed student athletes who will need your encouragement to see the opportunity for growth and to overcome their disappointment. Some of you may remember the old Life Savers commercials from the mid-1970s and their “a part of living” campaign where the dad offers his disappointed hockey player son a life saver to encourage him. Maybe you can be that “life saver” to someone today?

Just something to think about.

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