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Durr, Wruble, Babcock and Meissner win local primary contests

Schuette, Whitmer win the Huron County vote for Michigan top spot
By John Bonke
Staff Writer • jbonke@mihomepaper.com

HURON COUNTY - Republican Bill Schuette netted more than 3,000 votes in Huron County in the Tuesday, Aug. 7 primary race, according to unofficial results as of the next morning; Gretchen Whitmer garnered more than 1,000 votes as the Democrat contender.

Unofficial statewide results as of Tuesday morning from the Michigan Department of State showed Schuette earned 454,549 votes (51%) over Brian Calley’s 226,920 (25%); Whitmer got 479,556 (54%), with Abdul El-Sayed at 262,670 votes (30%) and Shri Thanedar got 140,522 votes (16%).

In the 84th District State Representative race, Republican Dean Smith got 2,137 votes and fellow GOP candidate Phil Green was close behind with 2,021.

In the race for County Register of Deeds, Sarah Holz Durr received 3,381 votes in the Republican contest.

In contested commissioner positions: in the 2nd District, it was Michael Meissner (487) over Jeffery Krohn (370); in the 6th District, incumbent Ron Wruble got 636 votes and Robert Oakes received 295; in the 7th District, challenger Mary Babcock netted 467 votes over incumbent John Nugent with 430.

All of the ballot proposals passed. Harbor Beach Community Schools Operating Millage earned 539 votes in favor and 189 opposed.

Unofficial results as of 9:28 a.m.,
Wednesday, Aug. 8
Governor (REP)
Bill Schuette 3,143
Brian Calley 1,463
Jim Hines 740
Patrick Colbeck 332
Governor (DEM)
Gretchen Whitmer 1,061
Shri Thanedar 427
Abul El-Sayed 367
Governor (LIB)
John Tatar 4
Bill Gelineau 2

U.S. Senator (REP)
Sandy Pensler 3,160
John James 2,212
U.S. Senator (DEM)
Debbie Stabenow 1,738
10th Dist.Rep. (REP)
Paul Mitchell 4,704
10th Dist.Rep. (DEM)
Kimberly Bizon 833
Michael McCarty 532
Frank Accavetti Jr. 308
25th Dist. Sen. (REP)
Dan Lauwers 4,491
25th Dist. Sen. (DEM)
Debbie Bourgois 1,614
84th Dist. State Rep. (REP)
Dean Smith 2,137
Phil Green 2,021
Matthew Bierlein 1,432
84th Dist. State Rep. (DEM)
William Shoop 1,578
County Register of Deeds (REP)
Sarah Durr 3,381
Elaine Laming 1,849
Alexander Khoury 478

1st Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Sami Khoury 529
2nd Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Michael Meissner 487
Jeffery Krohn 370
3rd Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Todd Talaski 759
4th Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Steve Vaughan 560
4th Dist. Commissioner (DEM)
Rich Swartzendruber 163
5th Dist. Commissioner (REP)
John Bodis 626
6th Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Ron Wruble 636
Robert Oakes 295
7th Dist. Commissioner (REP)
Mary Babcock 467
John Nugent 430
Caseville Twp Supervisor (REP)
Ben Willenberg 331
Colfax Twp Supervisor (REP)
Douglas Gentner 132
Mike Smalley 85
Grant Twp Supervisor (REP)
Stephanie Krohn 106
Rubicon Twp Supervisor (REP)
Marvin Koglin 135
Grant Twp Clerk (REP)
Rene Kluger 112
Huron Twp Treasurer (REP)
Janice Bender 78
Grant Twp Trustee (REP)
Deborah Fritz 109
Rubicon Twp Trustee (REP)

Daniel Bischer 131
Caseville Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Douglas Henne 289
Blake Putman 134
William Putman III 109
Caseville Twp Pct 1 Del (DEM)
Elizabeth Weisenbach 162
Chandler Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Jerome Grammentz 72
Hume Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Emil Bandurowicz 112
Lake Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
James Quinn 121
Lake Twp Pct 1 Del (DEM)
Jeanne Henry 72
Charles Henry 62
Oliver Twp Pct 1 Del (DEM)
Alfredo Santos Sr 69
Paris Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Timothy Polk 61
Pt Austin Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Write-In 10
Sebewaing Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
GeriLynn Merriam 298
Sherman Twp Pct 1 Del (DEM)
David Berger 45
Verona Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
John Hunt 187
Winsor Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
J. Dean Smith 175
June Schweitzer 169
Lee Wenskay 131
Winsor Twp Pct 1 Del (DEM)
Lisa DiCamillo 69
Karlee Herzog 55
City of Bad Axe Twp Pct 1 Del (REP)
Dian McConnel 300

City of Bad Axe Twp Pct 1 Del
David McDonald 158
City of Caseville Pct 1 Del (DEM)
Dorothy Rathje 56
Kenneth Rathje 56
City of Harbor Beach Twp Pct 1 Del
Thomas Holdwick 223
Casey Armitage 102
Adam Armitage 93
City of Harbor Beach Twp Pct 1 Del
Penny Letts 65
Shelia Blain 58
Geoffrey Blain 49
Bingham Twp Tax Rate Limitation
Yes 220 No 68
Colfax Twp Road Millage
Yes 246 No 58
Colfax Twp Fire Protection Millage
Yes 254 No 49
Dwight Twp Road Improvement
Millage Renewal
Yes 76 No 27

Fairhaven Twp Fire Protection
Renewal Millage
Yes 165 No 25
Fairhaven Twp Police Protection
Millage Renewal
Yes 149 No 40
Hume Twp Road Millage Renewal
Yes 162 No 63
Hume Twp Fire Millage Renewal
Yes 191 No 36
Huron Twp Road Millage Renewal
Yes 72 No 23
Huron Twp Fire Millage Renewal
Yes 76 No 17
Lincoln Twp Proposal
Yes 86 No 28
Pt Austin Twp Fire Millage
Yes 276 No 86
Pt Austin Twp Police Millage
Yes 264 No 96
Sherman Twp Tax Rate Proposition
Yes 174 No 79
Harbor Beach Community Schools
Operating Millage
Yes 539 No 189
Pigeon District Library Millage
Yes 453 No 85

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