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Bad Axe Library appreciates memorials and gifts

Dear Editor,

The Bad Axe Area District Library this year reported sizable donations and gifts from Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Dianne Barnard, Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Sue Capling, Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Jessica Doerr, Mr. & Mrs. David & Shelley Herrington, Ms. Pamela Kladzyk, Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Pamela Kuzak, Mr. & Mrs. Sean & Denise McVey, The Stanley Albert Learman & Lucille Jane Hessling Learman Endowment Fund, Mrs. Joan Miller, Mr. & Mrs. David & Mary Rapson, Mr. & Mrs. Allan & Marvel Sowles and Mr. & Mrs. James & Helen Volk.

The Library received significant donations in memory of: Alice Gottsleben, Marie Kladzyk, Steven Kuzak, Ken McDonald, Amy McDonnell, and Catherine Rapson. Individual donations were received in memory of: Roger Affholter, Floy Alent, Duane Andreski, Shirley Butch, Deane Corbishley, David DeCourval, Susan Deering, Edward Detgen, Jerry Eby, Doris Galloway, Ernest Goretski, Jerry Hacker, Richard Haley, Shawn Haley, Ida Berniece Hearsch, Sophie Hinton, Shirley Hogan, Jack Kiehl, Jane Kloska, Lucas Klosowski, Maxine Korcul, Rosella Kretzschmer, Robert Lemanski, Otto & Florence Lubeski, Darrin Maurer, Jason Maurer, Mary Ann Murawski, Ronald Nagel, Larry Pangborn, Robert Prill, Joan Sageman, Francis Schultz, Henry Siewert Jr., Edward Steinhardt, Genevieve Todd and Edna Ventline.

Erin Stacer and Connie Williams presented the library with special gifts. Special gifts were also received in memory of: Suzie Bachman by Robert & Lori Sobczak, Judy Fate by Holly Fate, and Clayton James Rogers by Gerry, Pat, Jason, and Stephanie Rogers and family.

Donations are used to purchase memorial books. A memorial gift plate with the name of the person honored and the donor’s name is placed in the front of the book. Library equipment and furnishings may also be donated. Arrangements for memorials may be made at area funeral homes or by visiting the library between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Contributions are tax-deductible from federal income taxes.

Mimi Herrington

Bad Axe Area District Library


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